Believe in a safe move. A smooth integration. A right start with long lasting effect.

Emerged from the personal experiences as an expat, as well as professional relocation provider experiences, Relosophy is based on honest understanding for your next unknown chapter.

The impact of a local market expert is essential to a new beginning, in a new country. So that you don't have to understand the spelling and intrinsic meaning of the Kreisverwaltungsreferat, why a house search absorbs more hours than your job search, or the delicacy of visa and immigration for you as an employee or business investor. Here, bureaucracy is only a state of mind and matching professionals with their dream job is a full-time job.

Relosophy speaks the same language as our relocation clients and offers empathy, respect for one's needs and strive for positive change. It provides recruitment and relocation solutions, for individuals, businesses, as well as foreign investors. As part of the efforts for a successful cultural integration, Relosophy frames a personal rebranding program offered to expats, practical support for their accompanying partners concerning job search in Germany and coaching related to difficulty in cultural adaptation.

Our Relocation philoSophy is to be a responsible partner and support you in Munich/Germany to have a smooth beginning, cultural integration and be able to be at your best in the new environment.

With Relosophy, you're in good hands.



Thankfulness embedded in actions and interactions


Our job is to continuously work towards improving professional expat experiences


Ground policy in achieving optimum results, honouring client's time and needs


People in motion stay in motion. so are we, until we get the job done


Doing the extra mile to get work done right


Aim is to bring people together and secure a smooth cultural integration


Matchmaking people so that lucrative opportunities come their way


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